Digital Signage

DGW Video Productions now offers custom content creation for digital information displays.  Using any combination of client photos, text and graphics along with our own material, a visually appealing and educational video plays continuously on any number of LED, LCD, Plasma or conventional televisions within your business.  We can also film and edit specific content relative to any business to be incorporated into the production that plays on the display. 

This is a practical service for smaller companies that want to provide in-store advertising to their customers, and at the same time create a more pleasant experience for clients in waiting rooms, lobbies and other common areas of a business.  The content design is treated as a production and purchased one time with no monthly fees or subscriptions required.  Subsequent updates to content are available and very cost effective.

DGW Video Productions can accommodate the complete installation, design and setup of a digital information display in your business.  

The short demo video below, created by DGW Video Productions highlights some benefits of a public information display and how it might be used in certain businesses.

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