Event Videography

Shooting a live scene

Capturing an Interview

Checking lighting on a set

Filming another take

DGW Video Productions offers filming of just about any special event; from ground breaking ceremonies to corporate seminars and lectures to birthday parties and more.  

Optional services for event videography can include the following:

Multiple camera angles the event is filmed from two or more cameras

Pre-production planning we assist with identifying the key moments of the event to capture when shooting the video and help to plan a sequence of critical events

Editing assembling the footage into a meaningful story and adding titles and credits, background music and/or narration

Loop Compositions Custom created music specifically to accompany introductions, endings and any segments of the video production 

Distribution the completed video can be encoded for DVD, multimedia file for playback on a computer, streaming video for the web, properly sized encoded video for smart-phones and other formats for the final production


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